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In 2013, Green Theme Technologies Inc. began in the kitchen of Dr. Gary Selwyn with him mixing and applying various chemistries on his ironing board.  His novel concept embedded GTT’s progressive culture that better technology also promotes the long-term health of the planet.

Dr. Gary Selwyn’s 30+ year career and higher education in chemistry equipped him to conceive of the EMPEL™ technology platform. He completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of California Berkeley, solved problems for IBM globally for 12 years and authored several groundbreaking patents in atmospheric plasma technology when he was a principal investigator at Los Alamos National Labs.  His unique background, his love of the outdoors and his creative talent propelled him to conceive of a revolutionary way to finish textiles without the use of water or hazardous chemicals.

The first GTT technology created by Dr Selwyn was a PFC free water repellent treatment.  Not only was this technology free of the traditional and toxic fluorocarbon chemicals but it also outperformed all other water repellent technologies on the market, either containing fluorocarbons or fluorocarbon-free.  From this first innovation, clean chemistry and water free processes emerged as the new benchmark for global textile production.   GTT’s culture of delivering superior performance while using the cleanest chemistries and production methods was conceived and is embodied today as GTT’s inspiration and central theme.  We call this “Performance for the Planet”. 

The EMPEL™ technology is the GTT innovation platform.  It fundamentally changes the way fabrics perform without compromising how they breath and feel.  EMPEL™ is safe for humans and safe for the planet. As we expand the range of Dr Selwyn’s invention, we create new opportunities to deliver amazing environmental, fashion and performance solutions for the global market.

Our mission for the global textile market is simple, but it is also critical: elevate performance and end pollution.  We appreciate the help and hard work from engaged mills and brands around the world to help promote and commercialize this innovative vision. With their collaboration and yours, the end-user, we will continue to push the boundaries of how fabrics are made and perform, while always staying true to our green theme and mission.

Dr. Gary Selwyn Exploring New Mexico

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