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May 20, 2020

A Clean PFC-Free Solution for a Dirty Outdoor Problem

Black Diamond’s “HighLine” rain jacket just won the coveted 2020 Outside Magazine Gear of the Year Award. The award marks a pivotal scientific breakthrough because the best performing rain jacket also uses the most sustainable fluorocarbon (PFC) free technology.

The Highline Stretch Shell

Green Theme Technologies (GTT) and their key global brand partners now deliver a radical technology solution. EMPEL™ Molecular Water Protection created by GTT now bonds the highest water repellent performance to fabrics without using fluorocarbons (PFCs) or palm oils. The breakthrough technology is independently certified as safe by Okeotex and pollutes no water in the production process.

Toxic fluorocarbons (PFCs) are commonly found around the world in our clothing, drinking water and our bodies. The first major lawsuits against PFOA and PFOS contamination began in 2001. Since that time, more than $1B US dollars have been awarded to individuals and States in PFC class action lawsuits. In 2009, the Stockholm Convention listed PFA’s as “persistent organic pollutants” because they don’t break down over time (Persistent), build up in our bodies (Bioaccumulate), and cause cancer and fatal illnesses (Toxic pollutants). WHY then do some Outdoor Clothing and Equipment companies keep using toxic PFC chemistries to waterproof their clothing and equipment?

Until now, PFC free waterproofing technologies didn’t work in the rain to keep people dry. The problematic choice between performance or the environment is now solved for water repellent chemicals. The winning solution: the best performance products for consumers must also eliminate pollution for the planet.

GTT has a simple expression to describe this business model, “Performance for the Planet”.

GREEN THEME TECHNOLOGIES is a fabric innovation company converting the water-polluting textile industry to a sustainable water-free performance solution.


Outside Magazine
MN Pollution Control Agency

Jan 20, 2020

The Dawn Patrol Hybrid Shell took the 2020 Snowsports Touring Apparel category at the 2020 ISPO tradeshow. The Black Diamond design is powered by EMPEL™ Molecular Water Protection and was recognized for its dynamic elemental protection and breathability.

The Dawn Patrol Hybrid Shell

The Dawn Patrol Hybrid Shell is built for skiers who travel uphill and downhill, requiring the highest levels of performance in terms of both water protection and breathability. Black Diamond and EMPEL™ combined to create this revolutionary product; available Fall 2020.

From the ISPO announcement:

“Green Theme Technologies’ impregnation is completely free of water, palm oil or PFC pollutants. The result is impressive – and a Gold Winner in the Snowsports segment in the Touring Apparel category.”

Congratulations to the BD team for their product execution and ISPO award!

WIRED Magazine highlights Marmot’s Eclipse Jacket as the best PFC-free option on the market in a recent article.

The Eclipse Jacket with EVODry

Marmots EVODry technology is powered by EMPEL™, and delivers high-performance, PFC-free water repellency across their product categories.

From the WIRED article:

But the best rain jacket is one that you won’t have to treat or replace, and so far the Marmot Eclipse with EVODry has held up.

In their “Best of What’s New 2018” article, Popular Science featured Green Theme Technology as a disruptor in the textile industry.

From the article:

[With Green Theme Technology,] Garment makers apply a PFC-free, hydrocarbon-based liquid to the fabric and then add pressure to permanently bond it to fibers, making them waterproof. This process is also better for the environment in another way: Unlike DWR application, it requires no water.”

Jan 9, 2018

Green Theme International (GTI), the creators of sustainable and water-free textile technologies, has just received the ECO PASSPORT certification by OEKO-TEX from the Hohenstein Institute (Germany) for GTI’s new Aquavent™ water-repellency chemistry, which is poised to transform finished fabrics in the technical apparel and fashion industries worldwide. 

The Hohenstein Institute’s rigorous testing process evaluates chemistries and processes of companies worldwide. Their ECO PASSPORT certification—a mechanism by which manufacturers and suppliers demonstrate that their products can be used in sustainable textile production—gives GTI’s Aquavent global recognition for its clean chemistry.

Read the full announcement here.

Note: Green Theme International and Aquavent have since been rebranded to Green Theme Technologies and EMPEL™

GTT is featured in an Snews story which highlights the origin of the technology, the early days of GTT, and the ambitions of Dr. Selwyn and the team.

You can read the full feature here

Note: Green Theme International and Aquavent have since been rebranded to Green Theme Technologies and EMPEL™

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